Biblical Feasts of God

With the start of the Biblical New Year , we are moving into the first biblical feasts for the year , starting with Passover or Pesach.

I have prepared these slides as a summary of the biblical feast days, their purpose and possible dates. Dates will vary depending on how you observe new moon and which calendar you follow. This is just a guideline, especially if its your first time observing.

This will be my fourth year observing the feasts. I still remember in 2020 , just before Passover started, how I had heard the Lord tell me to mark my calendar and that He wanted me to celebrate His biblical feasts.

Celebrating the biblical feasts has greatly increased my walk with Yahweh. I love celebrating the Lord and I have learned so much from observing them. I believe the feast days are certainly appointed times to spend with God, hear from Him and continue to grow in Him.

The idea is not to follow this as a religion, or a checklist but rather to appreciate God’s appointed times and move away from pagan and manmade feast days 🙏🙏. THERE IS SO MUCH MORE DEEPER AND SPIRITUAL MEANING FOR THE BODY OF CHRIST THAN MECHANICALLY FOLLOWING THIS AS A SET OF RULES. However, we do learn a lot from physically doing and celebrating the feasts; and these are perpetual commandments.

Also, given how things are set up in the world – you may be working on a Sabbath etc, you may not be able to physically remove all the leaven from your house, or you live in a house where not everyone observes the feasts… However , I do believe that our Heavenly Father sees and acknowledges all our efforts and that we should try our best to keep the feasts. ❤🙏

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Please see slides below as a summary of the biblical feasts , which dates to look out for , what is the theme and how to prepare. Shalom 🙂🙏

How to Observe Passover as a Christian

Hi All, this is a short presentation I have put together on keeping Passover as a Christian in preparation for Passover coming up next week.

I’m really excited for YHWH’s feasts and I love celebrating the Lord and I have learned so much from observing them. I believe this is certainly an appointed time to spend with God, hear from Him and continue to grow in Him.

Last year I did some research into the Seder meal, however The Parable of the Vineyard ministries shared how this may not be biblical. I don’t usually do that , but I suggest you do your own research. I just do a Passover meal with communion.

Also important to note that the day of Passover you also start eating unleavened bread and prior to this day you would have already started to give away or put away the leaven bread or any rising agents used for cooking from your house. It’s understandable that we may stay in a household where not everyone celebrates the feasts, but then go as the Lord leads you. Try your best, maybe just your room as a start. I have also heard of brothers and sisters storing some of these leavened goods in their cars.

But most importantly for me, it’s about the spiritual leaven and getting rid of things and false doctrines etc. that spiritually hinder us.

For more ways on keeping the Passover , I recommend you watch these videos on YT:

May Yahweh bless you! Shalom 🙂🙏

The Eighth Day or Last Great Day (Feast of Tabernacles)

The last of the biblical feasts is the Eighth Day. It is actually considered part of the Feast of Tabernacles,  and is the Holy Convocation and a Sabbath Day after the seven days of the Feast of Tabernacles/Sukkot.

I will be observing the Eighth Day from this Monday at Sundown to Tuesday Sundown.

If you are new to celebrating the feasts and haven’t managed to get the day off, I encourage you to still celebrate the biblical feast days.  Yahweh appreciates all our efforts. The Lord taught me how this is showing our love for Him as we keep His commandments 🤗❤🙏