Prayer for coming into agreement with Dreams from God

This post , follows my previous post on what to do in the case of dream pollution and cancelling a dream. However when we get dreams from God, we should pray for confirmation from God and pray in agreement with the will God has for our lives. Please see the prayer in the verses below.

Father God, if this dream is from you I come into agreement with what you desire and will for my life.

Because according to your Word in Jeremiah 29 verse11 it says your thoughts towards me are good and not evil and that I will have an expected end.

Therefore, I can trust you that if the dream is from you then it is something to benefit me.

I thank you Lord for this dream/vision and I appreciate everything You do and everything You are teaching and showing me. Thank You for the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, the gift of prophecy and the Fruit of the Holy Spirit. I love You and I would like to know more about the meaning of this dream and what it means for my life and Your will for me. Reveal to me what that is and I come wholeheartedly in agreement with it, in Jesus Name. Amen

You can also fast and pray for wisdom on a particular dream or vision. I have done earlier posts on fasting that will assist you with this. See link below.

I pray this helps you. Shalom!

Author: Rhista

I am passionate about Lord Jesus Christ and I have been deeply touched by my experiences with Him and would love to share my testimony along with others to encourage people and to build their faith.

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