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I don’t know where to begin. this is not fake news or lies and you can look up what I’m about to say. You need to look up shortages because it is across the board and this is the end play for the new world order. Take a look at a channel called southernprepper1 or any survival prepper. they are sounding the alarm and confirming what I have been feeling. we are speeding off a cliff right now and the worst economic depression we have ever seen is weeks away. I truly hope you all have prepared and are ready with what you will need. what I see coming is absolute anarchy, starvation, and death on a scale never before seen. it doesn’t give me pleasure to write this at all. I have cried many a tear for what is happening. I have tried to warn you and most don’t…

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Author: Rhista

I am passionate about Lord Jesus Christ and I have been deeply touched by my experiences with Him and would love to share my testimony along with others to encourage people and to build their faith.

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